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Established in Los Angeles, we seek social equity owners who possess unique, disruptive ideas and aim to convert these ideas into thriving local businesses.  We help you and your company navigate the challenging path from concept to growth. From illegal to legal cannabis business owners.
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Know This First

The Green Believers Social Equity Incubator is a network featuring local prominent and nationally recognized cannabis leaders, advocates, medical professionals, scientists, cultivators, extractors, attorneys, CPAs, faith-based leaders and entrepreneurs that provide social equity candidates the experience and tools needed to enable rapid, exponential growth and success.

Find The Right Match

We are committed to helping you make informed decisions for your family, community and cannabis business.

Social Equity In Action

Building economic & political power for people of color who have been unfairly negatively impacted by the so-called “War on Drugs”.

We Are Advocates of Compassionate Use

Our focus is on the education of business owners, licensees, and patients of medical cannabis.

Profits with a Purpose.

Our mission is to give social equity entrepreneurs and businesses alike the tools and guidance to build local successful companies and brands.

Access to Funding & Financial Literacy Programs

Looking to start a cannabis business? Looking to expand an existing business? Want information about access to capital for your next green project?

Green Believers can show you how to raise the money for your start-up business idea. We specialize in financial literacy, training and coaching for cannabis social equity business-types in Los Angeles County.

Education and Workshops

NEW TO THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY? GB specializes in preparing new cannabis investors and businesses for the wildly unpredictable world of cannabis regulation and operations. GB partners with industry experts on all things cannabis.

From licensing to growing, staffing and team building, cash management and technology to generally creating a profitable cannabis business, Green Believers' team of knowledge experts are here to guide your success.

Connect to Like-Minded People

You've found your tribe. We are connected to business leaders, environmentalists, community activists, medical cannabis doctors, farmers, and investors - WE BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS CANNABIS FOR SOCIAL GOOD.

Get Certified & Legal


Our Green Believers Certification assists our members in assuring they receive the latest technical assistance and knowledge from local and state legislation to business development and cannabis accounting. Membership includes discounted tickets to symposiums, trade-shows, and Green Believers Insiders News.


Green Believers and Whitey Enterprises – Only 40 spots available. We assist illegal operators get LEGAL. Enforcement is here! Be on the right side of the law.

Class are on Sunday’s in the LA Area.


Just getting your feet wet? Need to know what you are getting into? This course is for you.

Industry Experts, cover “Everything You Need to Know About The Cannabis Business” (i.e. grow tips for your six plants; get a cannabis career, ancillary cannabis biz opportunities, and retail operation tips to keep your license and grow).



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